Prof. Dr. Plamen Georgiev

Prof. Dr. Plamen Georgiev

Veterinary medicine, industry, technology, hypotheses, solutions, advice, opinions, and recommendations

The main author and owner of the website is Dr. Plamen Georgiev. Many people love animals. For others, their fate is linked to them. Some have indifference, and there are those who hate them. And animals like us, people, besides healthy, can also be sick. It is known that maintaining their health is important for all humanity. If we run away from this truth, we will undoubtedly face serious problems that could even threaten our existence. Veterinary medicine is called upon to take care of our planet! Practiced by humans for centuries, it is constantly developing and improving. As a unique profession, it requires competence, many practical skills, determination, courage, full dedication, imagination, and creativity. Besides everything else, veterinary medicine is also a business.
This website is primarily designed for veterinary specialists, farmers, pet owners, and anyone who loves animals. We will combine tradition with current news. The main priorities for discussion are: reproduction and reproductive diseases of the mammary gland, diseases in newborn animals, the musculoskeletal system, hooves, internal pathology, and animal protection. There will always be room for many hypotheses. Companies interact to the greatest extent possible between the latest scientific achievements, technologies, and progress with the direct needs of practice. In this connection, current solutions, developments, and products will have a priority place, ensuring the best information. And absolute beginners and children will have the opportunity to discover the well (or little) known alphabet of everything related to animals and what interests them.

Completed the Higher Institute of Zoo-Technology and Veterinary Medicine in Stara Zagora in 1995, with a specialization in veterinary medicine. In 2007, defended a dissertation for the degree of “Doctor” in education and science. Has been a associate professor since 2008. Specializes in “Clinic for Veterinary Obstetrics, Gynecology and Andrology” at the Justus-Liebig University, VMF, Giessen, Germany, and the “Clinic for Productive Animals” at the Veterinary Faculty of the Free University, Berlin. Participated in congresses in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. Has been working as an associate professor at the VMF at the Trakia University – Stara Zagora since 2012 and is now deputy dean. The main areas of work are reproduction in dogs and cats.



Conducts online consultations and examinations of patients mainly with pathology and problems of the reproductive system and mammary gland.

Patient Examination

Patient examination after a prior appointment at the “University Veterinary Clinic at the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of the Thracian University”, Stara Zagora.


Searching, organizing, analytical analysis and provision of information on specific problems in the field of veterinary medicine.

Education and postgraduate specialization

As part of my professional activity, work and specialization in the Veterinary Medicine Faculty.

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scientific publications

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